Braised Pot Roast from The New Sonoma Cookbook

The purpose of What’s For Dinner? is to provide you a recipe with items on sale this week, with no more than 10 ingredients (not including pantry items), and coming in at under $10 per meal.

I get asked to review cookbooks every now and again.

Some I will choose to not review, because while “Things I Learned To Make In College” sounds appealing, it really isn’t a good fit for my family or the peeps who read Kansas City Mamas.

So when I was given the chance to review The New Sonoma Cookbook, I jumped up and down.

At first I was excited because it said “Sonoma” and in my mind that meant “wine country”. And “wine country” equates to happiness for me.

But after I got the review copy, I was ecstatic to find a treasure trove of healthy, tasty, and easy to find ingredient recipes. Bigger bonus…a full-on section devoted to all things cow.

I know that a section devoted to all things cow might seem silly, but I can’t tell you the number of cookbooks I own that have over 25 recipes for seafood (which Hubs won’t eat) or pork (which I don’t like very well) and only four recipes for cow. (Which we both love because we are from Nebraska and it is in our DNA.)

It also had a LARGE variety of vegetarian recipes – which made me equally excited – because I love a good couscous recipe as much as the next foodie.

And since Rump Roast is on sale as part of the Price Chopper Deals this week, I thought I would share the Braised Pot Roast recipe from The New Sonoma Cookbook with you.

What about you? What is your favorite crockpot roast recipe? Share it with us via the comments or on the Kansas City Mamas Facebook Page.

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  1. Thanks for the write up

  2. making this for dinner tonight, reducing the wine/tomatoes currently… the house smells DELICIOUS!

    thanks for sharing!

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