“Less Stress Thanksgiving” on KC Live (11/15)

Welcome KC Live Viewers!

Thanks for watching me today (on 11/15/12).

Here are my tips to make your Thanksgiving Less Stressful.

1. Make a plan. Figure out what you are good and making and delegate the rest. A pot-luck Thanksgiving is ALL RIGHT if it means keeping your sanity.

2. If you can’t delegate, embrace the pre-made. Not a good baker, buy rolls. Can’t cook a turkey, buy one. Don’t make pies, buy Whole Foods Pies. (Seriously, on the Whole Foods Pies…I’ve NEVER had a better pie EVER. Best pumpkin and chocolate pecan pie ever made.)

3. Rent your table lines, flatware, and tableware from a Rent-All Store. You’ll pay under $10 for a clean, freshly pressed tablecloth. And around $1.50 a place setting for dishes and silverware. The best part…you don’t have to do dishes. They expect them back dirty. :)

And if you missed this week’s segment, you can watch it below. (And I was going to be damned if Michael tried to steal my Chocolate Pecan Pie.)

If you are looking for ways to save a buck or two without resorting to “extreme” methods or sacrificing quality – you’ve come to the right place.

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