Tips & Ideas For Giving The Best Teacher Gifts Ever

best teacher gifts

With the end of the school year fast approaching, it’s time to think about end-of-year teacher gifts. But if you are like me, finding the best teacher gifts can feel like walking in a minefield. On one hand, you want to provide a monetary praise for someone who has nurtured, mentored, and loved you kiddo(s) […]

#AveenoDailyChallenge Update – Am I Hydrating, Moving, and Nourishing More?


Last week, I told you that I’m taking part in the #aveenodailychalleng by “attempting” to hydrate more, move more, and nourish more. I purchased some tools to help me accomplish my goals and had a plan in place….so how did I do this first week? I wish I could tell you that I lost five […]

100 Books You Should Read During Your Life

100 Books You Should Read During Your Life |

Amazon has put together a list of the 100 Books You Should Read During Your Life. The list was created by the Amazon Book Editors and consists of children’s, teen, fiction, and non-fiction and is meant to be a guide for a well-read life. Be sure to pin or bookmark for your book club or […]

#AveenoDailyChallenge – Hydrate, Move, and Nourish


This year I’m turing the big 4-0. Which, if I will be honest, is a little scary and sad for me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the wisdom, perspective, and grace I have vs my 20-year old self. But as a woman who cares about her looks and how she feels, I can definitely […]

How To Buy and Get Fluffy Towels With Each Wash

How To Get Fluffy Towels After Each Wash |

I love a good, think, fluffy, soft towel. You know those towels that feel like a soft blanket surrounding your after a hot shower. Those towels that if you close your eyes you can pretend that you are at a spa, with lavender and eucalyptus waffing in and “Matt” asking you if you are ready […]

Champion for Kids and SIMPLE Giving Benefits Kansas City Schools

Champion For Kids Simple Giving Logo

Not every person in Kansas City lives above the poverty line. In fact, not every kid that goes to school with your kiddos lives above the poverty line. And if I take it even a step farther, 60% of the kids that go to school with my kiddos aren’t living above the poverty line. I’ve […]

How To Budget Monthly Expenses

How To Budget Monthly Expenses |

A spiral-bound notebook saved my financial life. Yep, one of those notebooks you can get for under $.25 during back-to-school sales set our family on a course to secure financial footing. So how did this cheap little notebook do these magical things? Well, it taught us how to budget monthly expenses. But before I get […]

How to Get Kids to Save Money for College

How To Get Kids To Save Money For College |

Trying to get kids to save money is kind of like peeling Dad off the couch during Sunday afternoon football. You are not likely to get a good response without some serious prodding. Still, teaching your kiddos is an important life lesson and ensures that they won’t be living with you when they are 28 […]

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