Aldi Kansas City: Gallon of Milk for $1.99

All area Kansas City Aldi’s are selling gallons of Vitamin D, Skim and 2% milk for $1.99 per gallon.

You will see banners on most stores promoting it – but it is city-wide.

This is even CHEAPER than Sam’s Club or Costco pricing.

Thanks Tasha.

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  1. Jamie Scheer says:

    When did this start? I was at Aldi’s yesterday in Liberty and the milk was regular price.

    • Jamie – Hmm…I just assumed that it would be all of the Kansas City Aldi stores because it is everywhere on the Kansas side. Anyone else confirm or deny cheap milk in Missouri?

  2. I would bet it is has something to do with the Missouri dairy laws.

  3. My only concern with milk that cheap. Is, it surely is not rBGH free.

    Use of the recombinant supplement (rBGH) has been controversial. While it is legal in the United States (though not without reaction) and 1 other industrialized nation (Mexico), it is 90% banned in Canada, Japan, the European Union, Australia and New Zealand. In Canada, bulk milk products from the United States that have been produced with rBST are still allowed to be sold and used in food manufacture (cheese, yogurt etc.). In the EU, dairy products from the US are banned from import.

    • I’ve found it for 1.99 in Olathe. The label says the farmers pledge not to use artificial growth hormones, similar to most other regular milk labels, I think.

  4. FrugalEngineer says:

    Beware: I’ve found that Aldi’s milk goes bad faster than the date on the jug. I think it’s a function of freezing it. I’ve found previously frozen milk gets funky faster.

  5. Shad Bailey says:

    I just ad match there Milk deals at Walmart.

  6. Is this deal still good?

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