Aldi Deals: Week of May 19

Here are some of the the notable weekly deals and great everyday prices at Aldi. Remember, Aldi doesn’t take coupons, you’ll need your own bag, a quarter for the grocery cart (you will get it back), and either cash or a debit card (because it is the one place where VISA isn’t accepted).

$.79 each package Mushrooms

$1.29 each package Vidalia Onions

$1.69 each package Green Peppers

$1.19 each package Sweet Corn

$1.49 each package Zucchini

Meat & Dairy
$2.65 Gallon Skim Milk*

$3.05 Gallon 2% Milk*

$3.10 Gallon Vitamin D Milk*

Staples & Snacks
$.99 Clancy’s Tortilla or Corn Chips & Cheesy Puffs and Curls*

$1.19 Clancy’s Potato Chips and Pretzels*

$1.99 Clancy’s Party Mix

$1.33 5 lb. All-Purpose Flour*

$.79 L’Oven Fresh White Bread*

$.99 L’Oven Fresh Whole Wheat Bread*


$7.99 Two Gallon Pepper or Tomato Pot (think container gardening)

$1.99 Krusteaz Lemon or Raspberry Bars (the BEST Lemon Bar mix)

* denotes everyday pricing. However, I have found milk to be priced different at different Aldi stores.

This post is part of BeCentsAble’s Grocery Gathering.

What are some of the things you buy at Aldi? What do you think of Aldi’s store brand? Let us know.
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